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You Dream It, We Build It!

Modular Building Systems L.L.C. can design, develop and illustrate a custom building that meets your specific needs and works within the site’s physical and zoning limitations. Our Architectural staff works directly with the modular engineering department as well as with the developer to create an initial design process that saves time and cost on architectural plans and elevations. This first step of design is part of the modular package and the cost is part of the bid process. To streamline the design process we will work together with the modular engineering department to minimize time in the architectural plan procedures. This advantage saves substantial costs and time delays of traditional architectural firms. Once the preliminary plans are developed, a 3 dimensional rendering may be produced to help visualize the final building design.

Architect Mark Stefanelli and Modular Building expert Mark Urgola, with their combined 60 years of experience in the business, have teamed up to design, deliver and build a product for today’s Developers. The goal of Modular Building Systems is to offer custom design and a quality product, at a reasonable price and work to eliminate most of the hassles and delays of conventional construction.