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Site Analysis:
Our team of professionals will analyze your selected site to verify the Zoning Laws, Topography and Limitations which we will need to Design for.

Our Architectural staff will meet with you to design a Custom home that meets your needs or we have a variety of pre-designed homes for you to choose from than can be altered to suit your lifestyle, budget and Architectural Style.


A 3 Dimensional Image of your Design can be generated to assure the client will understand their new home and assist in making decisions on color, materials and massing.

Our Construction office will meet with you to discuss your budget and assure the cost is within your expected means.


Construction Documents:
All the documents needed for the construction of your new home will be completed by our Engineers, Architects and Modular experts.

Our Construction Office will take care of all the Site ,Building and Utility Permits required for the construction of your home.

Your Home will be built in a controlled environment to your specifications and delivered to your site. Our Experienced set crew will assure the house is set properly and water tight within a few days, and then finalize the details for your move in date.